Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer School for Homeschoolers

Yes, SUMMER SCHOOL is a dreaded title for learning through the summer. But it works for a Working and Homeschooling parent as a way to keep a manageable weekly schedule and keep the learning going.


We took a small summer break, well not that small, but it ran from May 18th til July 15th. It's the same short break that my older kids who are in Community College took since they too are taking summer classes.

Also, taking a month or two off gives me time to research curriculum, close out paperwork due to my Umbrella group for oversite and purchase curriculum for the coming year. I had the time to organize my coming school calender and do some great summer camps for the kids to tackle that 'Socialization' issue.


Starting in July afforded the kids a time for playing around and just hanging out in late May and all of June. You can sneak in a hands on field trip but call it a day trip for the kids. Since I work, most of our day trips are on the weekend and I let the kids select the location and friends they want to meet and play with.

By starting in mid summer we are able to do 4 day school weeks. However, this year, I snuck in a 5 day school week and then we will slip down to 4 days in October.

The weekends for us is for catching up, or making up a school day I couldn't get in on the weekday. Also for projects like our Science Discovery day looking for bugs or building a project, doing an experiment.



  1. I'm sure working and homeschooling is a challenge for you. Sounds like you are doing lots of wise things to make it work. I haven't homeschooled for 20 years now, but still visit the homeschool hops occasionally and remember those days.
    Bless you.

    1. I'm sure it's one of the fondest memories with your kids. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. We started on July 1st. We didn't get a ton done, I did let a few days slide so my son could spend days with his PS friends, and we were planning a retirement ceremony for hubby - but I feel we got a good jump on the year! We are going to do five days until about the same time as you, then we will cut back to four. This is the first year we are trying four day weeks. Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop

  3. We've done about one day a week of homeschool this summer. At least a shorter version of our typical homeschool. Just enough to keep the math fresh in our minds.

    Currently, we are reorganizing and preparing for the official start of our new school year.


  4. It's nice to know other people have started their schooling during the summer - or at least kept up skills. I'm liking this so much that I think I may plan an early school year next summer. Hopefully I'll start the week I planned. This summer I pushed back 2 weeks.