Friday, July 26, 2013

When it is ALL Worth It!

Today I wanted to jump for joy! My daughter, the 7th grader, told me that she is learning more from mommy homeschooling her than she ever learned in her middle school. Then she hugged me. All this while I was showing her how to do a science test (produced by my boxed curriculum I use).

It's times like these where working a day gig at the crack of dawn, and foregoing afterwork happy hours to rush home to teach my children makes it all worth it.

My husband and partner in teaching works late in the afternoon til night to go over the kids homework as well as facilitate lessons but he does it without complaint.

So when you want to just dive into the bed and not come out until you are dragged out - just remember why we are doing this.

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  1. I'm looking forward to hearing that from my kids...hopefully that comes someday ;) It's definitely motivating!

  2. I have yet to hear that from my soon to be 8th grader. That will be a day of rejoicing indeed!

  3. This was so unexpected. But for my kids, having a public school environment to compare to, this is something they seem to appreciate more. Not that my daughter had bad experiences, she appeared to be just fine (although she complained of being bored).