Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Unexpected Schedule Change Due to Vendor

One Thing About Homeschooling That's Good is


Sadly, one of our curriculum vendors (Landry Academy) which we Loved is closing it's doors.

Unfortunately, I've paid in advance for 'generics' or discounted online classes that will now not be available to my students. They only offered a 'deal' with Veritas Press that cost $249 per class. Some of the teachers offered their own courses, but at $100 to $150 a piece, I really couldn't afford that option at this time.

I am upset, but refuse to hold on to anger. I spent about two weeks during this revising Speed Racer's and Tiger Lilly's schedule. And have to spend more unplanned money to get the support I need as a working parent for my kid's semi-independent instruction.

Many of the teachers contacted parents to offer solutions, but they had to get paid (I could understand since Landry hadn't paid them). They were reasonably priced, but with it being after the holidays, I really didn't have the funds to give out an additional $150 per class just like that.

So I had to find a cheap startup solution, and had been researching Acellus.com for next school year and signed up for the 'homeschool' option this year.

Replacement and change to ACELLUS.com is now our new online education provider that is replacing many of the classes with Landry.


Offers (1) Mobile App for parent to check progress

Offers (2) Parent Dashboard

The way it works: (1) Child takes assessment test in the beginning for each subject (2) Child watches 5 to 7 min video (3) Take quiz (4) If pass quiz, goes on to new video, If fail quiz, rewatch video - then retake quiz (5) Their progress and grade gets updated on Daily

Offers (3) Pay as you go Homeschool Option at $30 monthly for homeschool parents, print out/work sheets per subject (not a bunch but enough to have additional homework - it is by choice if you select the homeschool option)

Offers (4) upgrade to Tutoring (teacher support $50 per year / per class) or Accredited (teacher support and report card $80 a month) ~ Truth be told, if I was going in this direction I would just go with BJU online or AbekaAcademy online which come with books and accreditation for the same price.

Finding an online and interactive curriculum is VERY important to us as working parents. We also wanted something we could daily or hourly check the status of for our students.
ACELLUS also offers a High School DIPLOMA (which we won't need).

*Note: Mom and Dad check work daily*

Speed Racer Blended High Schooler (13 yrs)

Do Daily Independent
(Core Classes) 8am-2pm with 1 hr lunch and Two 15-min breaks

Algebra 1 Online Independent [Acellus-Homeschool Option-15 Lessons a week]
    Algebra 1 (practice) [CTCmath (my son requested to keep using this)]
US History Online Independent [Acellus-Homeschool Option-15 Lessons a week]
Geography Online Independent [Acellus-Homeschool Option-15 Lessons a week]
English Online Independent [Acellus-Homeschool Option-15 Lessons a week]
Intro To Computer Science Online Independent [Acellus-Homeschool Option-10 Lessons a week]
Sociology Online Independent [Study.com-5 Lessons a week]
Humanities Online Independent [Study.com-5 Lessons a week]
Geometry Online Independent [CTC.com-5 Lessons a week]

2 Days a week Independent when parents around to check workbooks
Vocabulary [Membean]
Speed Reading [AceReader]
Basic Math Practice [IXL and MineCraft Homeschool]
Daily Language Workbook
Wordly Wise Workbook
Cursive Quotes Copy Work 

Daily with Parental Interactive Instruction
Algebra 1 with Geometry [Saxon]
Psychology CLEP Prep

Tiger Blended Dual Enrolled High Schooler (15 yrs)

College Classes
(8 week classes from Jan-Mar)
Intro To Interactive Design
Information Systems in Organizations
Ethics in Information Technology

Homeschool Classes
(Core Classes)
C# and Game Design (YouthDigital.com)
Network Pro (using TestOut.com since Landry is closed)
Javascript (Webucator)
Marketing (Mom's curriculum)
Mobile App Design (FREE online self Study course with Webucator)
Starting A Micro Business  (Homeschool book/workbook series)
Japanese (From Japanese to Zero, In person meet up, italki.com tutor)


  1. We were bummed by this too. I'm just going to teach one of my daughter's classes - well, learn it with her (criminology). I'll be interested to see what you think of your new option as time goes on!

  2. That's very unfortunate for you! Hope you can work out something without it costing too much!